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RESEARCHERS have found that living closer to parks and recreational reserves can improve your health.

A research paper* has found that parks deliver measurable health benefits, including opportunities for social interaction, physical exercise, a cleaner environment and direct contact with nature.

Eden’s Crossing is a local residential community that understands how parks can improve a community’s health. Developed by Devine, the $360 million community was built at the foothills of the White Rock-Spring Mountain Conservation Estate, just 13.5k to the Ipswich CBD, 34km to Brisbane and 5km from Springfield Central.

“Location is everything in the development industry and we were very conscious of choosing a site for Eden’s Crossing that offered residents a range of leisure and recreational opportunities. We firmly believe that neighborhoods that are closer to parks, reserves and open spaces encourage a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle,” said Devine General Manager Communities Andrew Brimblecombe.

“Eden’s Crossing’s location near the picturesque White Rock-Spring Mountain Conservation Estate is simply unparalleled. The Estate is like a 2500-hectare extension of residents’ backyards and is only a few minutes away.

“Residents can take advantage of White Rock-Spring Hill Conservation Estate’s extensive trail network and see some diverse landscapes, from the rocky outcrops of White Rock and Spring Hill to valleys and forested ridges.

“There are also multi-user trailers that allow for mountain bike riding and horse riding.

“It’s a great place to get back to nature, with more than 600 plant species and 150 fauna species, including five threatened flora and three fauna species. Bird watchers and people who love nature will be in their element.

“With an area eight times the size of New York’s Central Park, White Rock-Spring Hill Conservation Area offers plenty of space for residents to relax and unwind.”

Natural Areas Coordinator Paul Mackenzie said the Estate was a “hidden gem”.

“It offers a great bushland experience, so the local community can come out here and experience nature. We have a lot of residents who walk down from the local houses for a bushwalk.”

Eden’s Crossing masterplan also includes 35 hectares of open space for parks, playgrounds and sporting ovals.

Plans are underway for future road access directly onto the Centenary Highway, which is scheduled to commence construction in 2016. Once completed the highway access will put Eden’s Crossing within five minutes of Springfield Central.

A new Woolworths retail precinct has been approved for the site adjoining Eden’s Crossing. It’s also located on the doorstep of Staines Memorial College, while a new State Primary School will be built adjacent to the site, which is due to open in 2017.

Upon completion, the community will cater for 960 families.

For more information visit

• City Parks Forum Briefing Papers: How Cities Use Parks To Improve Public Health 

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